Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's a turkey Jim, but not as we know it!

Gosh. This morning I learnt a very interesting fact about my American friends.

They deep fry their turkeys!

And I thought Bush had just been pensioned off.

Oh come on. Don't get grumpy with me. It's just a joke! We have turkeys too in this country. Most of them have wings though. However, I'm prepared to believe Blair and Brown were turkeys and what's more I'm prepared to deep fry them too. In fact, I'd been happy to spit roast them.

Nothing like a red hot poker and a politician with his pants down to bring a smile to my face.

Yep, so I came across this video starring the lovely William Shatner of Star Trek fame on the subject of  deep-frying turkeys:

Right. I'm coming clean. I kinda have a crush on Bill Shatner. I don't think I've ever got over that original Star Trek series and I've loved just about everything he's ever done  - even T J Hooker. I'm not sure what that means - maybe I just have bad taste? But I do love his self-effacing humour though - it really makes me giggle. I can't believe those rumours, originating from other members of Star Trek cast, that he was rude and arrogant - maybe there was a little jealousy going on? After all, Bill was exceptionally handsome and had the starring role in one of the most famous TV series of all time and what's more he didn't have to wear false ears or be stuck in Engineering all the time. I mean he had all the dolly birds and the most impressive phaser. Who wouldn't be jealous?

So back to turkeys. I can't believe my American Friends deep fry their turkeys! Do any of my American Readers want to enlightened me as to why? Bill implies it makes them more juicy. Really? I thought it would make them.... well sort of dry and burnt. Wouldn't they shrivel? You know - like a man's testicles when he gets in hot bath water.

Or when your wife drops a can of beer on them just after you've had a vasectomy. Not that I've ever done that of course. (Cough, cough.)

(Awaits imminent arrival of divorce papers.)

Anyway, over here in the UK we just ram the turkey in the oven and hope for the best. Well I do. It usually works out okay. And, if not, there's always curry sauce.

Three cheers for curry sauce (from a jar obviously) one of the world's best inventions!


  1. I've always wondered what William Shatner was on. Seems like it was fried turkey all the time.
    Thanks for leaving me with the mental image of Blair and Brown with their trousers down.....

  2. You know you love that image of Blair and Brown with their pants down really, Martin. Don't deny it!

    Only for red hot poker and general thrashing purposes of course:) Anything else would be just sick:))

    Besides nobody, but nobody, is that desperate!

    Oh wait a minute - Cherie Blair?

  3. Funny.... So I thought you were hung up on Pierce all these years. Now I find out you've had the hots for Bill!

    Call me traditional, but I still like my Turkey baked... Oven roasted! And stuffed. I've tried the fried version. I was surprised. It's not bad, but if it's fried, I want it breaded too! Nice post!

  4. Well you know Mr I.. Pierce, Bill, whoever - I'm a sucker for a good looking guy with a sense of humour:) And if you can wear a corset like Bill and still act as if you're running swiftly you gotta have a sense of humour:)))

    You want your fried turkey breaded too Mr I?!! I am flabbergasted! Isn't all that oil and grease enough?? Yuck! what you're really saying is - you're big on chicken nuggets. And I thought you were sophisticated! Well, well, well wonders will never cease...:))

    Good to see you btw:))Keep safe on those travels!

  5. Turkey and tesicles in one blog post? Respect!
    Anna May x


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