Monday, May 16, 2011

My New Desk

Well it isn't really a new desk - but an old family desk.

A few weeks ago, my mother's younger sister emailed me and asked me if I would like my grandfather's desk. My aunt inherited it back in 1988 when my grandfather died. She was married to a writer (I mention him in my article A Childhood in Fiction) and so she had seemed the obvious choice.

I believe my grandfather bought this desk in the late 1920s or early 1930s and used it for the remaining of his working life and beyond. I remember it from my childhood and, as I knew that it had taken a battering over the years, when it arrived I decided I would invest a few pounds and have it restored to its former glory.

There are still drawer inserts and a few other bits missing but overall I'm pleased with the result. I'm really looking forward to writing something special whilst thinking of him.

The desk is huge - and I mean HUGE! I reckon I will easily beat my record of managing to have at least half the china cabinet stacked on my desk. Only this time I'll use tablemats!


  1. Lovely desk Jane. Obviously, considering that it belonged to your grandfather, and that it's an impressive piece of furniture, we can expect only serious posts in future. Nope, thought not.......

  2. Well I thought a serious post Martin... and then I remembered that my grandfather was big in pigs. (He was an executive of a large meat production business.) Expect my next posts to be on the lines of...

    Why pigs snort

    Why I hate pork pies but my grandfather loved them....

    Why you shouldn't take your girlfirend on a date to an abbatoir

    Why my ears aren't as big as a pigs but my mouth is

    And so on....:)))

  3. Nice desk. Looks like you'll finaly meet your match for cluttering.

    I remember a pic of your old desk from last year I believe, and this one should be able to hold you back. :D

  4. G, good to see you:)

    It's defintely a challenge to fill a desk that big but I still give myself good odds:))

  5. Whatcha going to put in those cubby-holes?
    One sausage roll in each?

  6. Mrs A , each cubby hole is 3 inches x 4 - I intend to fill them with a whole array of delectable goodies:))

  7. A roll-top - yeah! Lovely. This is a desk to write the next 'To Kill A Mockingbird' at. Go on, Harper Turley.

  8. In good time PB, in good time:) At the moment I'm filling it up with goodies and trying not to crush my fingers although I have completed a nice (hopefully)piece of literary flash fiction this morning so hopefully all is not lost:))


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