Monday, February 14, 2011

Some lovely gifts and an(unromantic) tale

So anyway, there I was last week banging my head on the dining room table trying to figure out what to do with my novel when there's a knock at the door. It's the postman and he has a parcel for me, all way from the USA!

Fortunately, it wasn't a writ. It was a lovely parcel from my friend Marie over at Nourish!

Being the dignified woman I am, I delicately removed the packaging, folded the wrapping paper and stored it away.

Okay, I didn't. I ripped it open whilst screaming "Yippee, yippee a prezzie for Mrs T! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!"

Yeah - I am that sad. I don't get presents that often. Well not unless you count car parking tickets.

So I ripped open the paper and found this beautiful scarf pictured below which is hand knitted by Marie herself! What can I say but a very big THANK YOU to Marie. It's gorgeous and I shall be wearing it for years!

Now here's where my little story starts. So I've been writing in the dining room because my study is... a little messy. Or what we might colloquially describe in the UK as a "shit tip." When I've got my courage back I'll tidy it up but at the moment I'm taking the easy way out. So later that day, I'm writing away with Marie's other gift, a lovely decorative wall hanging which couldn't have come at a more appropriate time with all my novel dilemmas, and Mr T comes into the dining room and looks over my shoulder and sees the wall hanging.

"She belives she could so...she did."
Very, very slowly and without words Mr T places his forefinger over the first "S" so that the message now reads;

"He believes she could so...she did."     

Now Mrs T has been married to the good Mr T for nearly 20 years and has known him for 25 years. And let me tell you it wasn't the washing up he wanted me to do. Yep, Mrs T knows EXACTLY the way his mind works. (Fortunately, he doesn't have a clue how mine works) and let me tell you readers...

I kept my mouth well and truly shut.


More (un) romantic tales coming soon.


  1. In my opinion, a Jane Turley novel is way overdue. Go Jane go!

  2. Thanks Heather, your support is much appreciated:)

  3. Shucks... All of this unromantic talk on Valentine's day! I was hoping for something juicy from the Miss Jane files. Yes, I'm back. I've been away for a while but I'm not dead. :) Happy Valentine's Day!

    Write on Sister. I want a signed copy of your novel.

  4. Well hello Mr I! Long time no see!

    Well as it happens something juicy is coming later today:)

    A signed copy is most definitely yours:) Should someone be mad enough to publish of course...

  5. YAY!!! You got it!! I am so glad you like it. I actually knitted you about a dozen scarves in a neurotic frenzy before I felt I had one that was worthy of your wonderfulness. lol

    Wear it while you watch Blackadder. :)

    And Jesus, men are all the same, aren't they?!?!?!?

  6. Thank you ever so much Marie! I am most humbled that you knitted more than one scarf to find one worthy of me. LOL !!!!

    Yeah, Gez, men are all the same. Some are worse than others though:)

  7. Excellent point Mrs. T., some ARE worse than others. Which makes them in general a thoroughly bad lot. No offense men.

    Wear the scarf well, Jane. I hope it goes with your coat! xoxo

  8. It does go with coat Marie!!

    I will send you a piccy in due course:)


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