Friday, May 14, 2010

When All You Want is Solitude

It's been a funny few weeks. I've had a workman here most days doing a backlog of jobs - mainly in the garden which was looking a right mess due to boys decimating just about everything with their bats and balls. We've dismantled their old play shed, replaced a fence, built a patio and had a various number of smaller jobs done that had been accumulating. The last two days the workman, a lovely elderly fellow of the "old school" of tradesman, has been in and out of the kitchen doing some electrics and I've got to admit  after a number of weeks it's now driving me a little crazy.

I've come to really value my few hours at home during school time where, subject to the usual domestic chores, I can do whatever I want. I haven't really been able to settle down to write except in the early morning before anyone gets up and when all is peaceful. It's an endless procession of questions, cups of teas , opening windows, closing windows.... and so on. I've no complaints about my workman (apart from laying the wrong colour slabs - which I decided in the interests of my sanity not to object to!) but I can't wait for some solitude next week when hopefully things will be back to usual for a while.

As a child when I used to ask my father want he wanted for his birthday he would always say "P & Q"  (peace and quiet) - and now I'm the exactly the same. Well, okay, I do drop hints about a nice gem and luxury chocolates from time to time but failing that I'm happy with a bit of  P&Q! Hmm... I think this means I'm middle aged. Oh cripes, soon I'll be listening to classical music, reading poetry and warming my feet by the fire. I may even get a bed jacket...then I think it would be permissible to order some of those weird inventions you get in Sunday supplements. Hurrah!

Okay, okay, so I fancy a tin opener that doesn't require me to anything more than breath to work! Why should I wait till I'm 90? I want one now! And I want a long pincer on a pole so I can pick up stray litter that's blown across the garden without bending down.......and whilst I'm at it I could do with one of those electronic crossword solution finders.......

What is it about those darn magazines? They're totally addictive - who the hell needs drink and drunks - when you can have one of those magazines? If I get one of them, I'm glued to it. Those mags are better than Tolkein - the imagination it must take to dream up some of those inventions is unbelievable! Sometimes I look at them in awe thinking ...

Cripes look at that digital watch that's also is a magnetic key holder and converts into a parachute! Wow, I really, really want one of those! I bet Nic Cage has got one! And that plate stacker which fits into the corner of the cupboard that doubles as a walking frame! .... And I could really use that talking pen which tells the time AND your weight......  And..... oh my goodness...... I 'd lovvvvvvve one of those tables that go over the side of the bed then so I could use my lap top in bed.......

Oh alright, I haven't brought anything from one of those magazines yet. But one day my time will come! In the meantime I'll just have to make do with P & Q and You Tube! Continuing on a political theme here are a few of my favourite clips of the wonderful going-ons in our House of Commons;


  1. Prime Minister's Questions is essential viewing round our way. I'm only sorry I missed most of the William Hague/Tony Blair sessions. Wonder what Harriet Harperson vs. Dave 'n' Nick will be like??!

  2. Classical music is only for those in God's waiting room?

    Tsk Mrs T.


  3. Ah yes, Mrs B Question Time is most entertaining and although perhaps it would be better if the gentlemen behaved themselves - it would certainly not be as entertaining!

    On the subject of Mr Bercow - did you watch that clip of him trying to keep the House in order? He has to be impartial but I think his eyes betrayed a little amusement at Mr Brown's discomfort. I'm afraid Mr Bercow is rather growing on me.....

    Mrs A,

    Ho, ho, ho; I knew that would get under your skin..even as I typed I wondered if you would be able to resist the challenge:)))))

  4. Ah Mrs T, I know attack as defence when I see it!

    I look forward to some grown-up music being posted on a Monday.

    And I don't mean Katherine Jenkins.

  5. Your wish is my command Mrs A!!!

  6. Nothing like a little "Peace in the house," as my grandfather used to say. Keeps you thinking.

  7. Ahhh... Solitude. Sometimes it's difficult to recognize it when it reappears so suddenly after such long absences.

  8. Welcome Book Calender:)

    Groan - why do the old folks always have to be right?! Still, I suppose there's some pleasure in the idea that one day we'll be able to utter our own words of wisdom:))

    Hello Footsteps!

    My workman stayed yet another day today - tomorrow I'm having an extended lunchtime kip! With earplugs and a blindfold on just to be sure........

  9. Now that sounds very vary familiar - these workman entering the house with an innocuous reason and then totally taking over the house and all your waking hours. Right now I am facing a similar situation with Rainwater harvesting related work. And it is ingenious the way the husband manages to find work exactly during these days which either takes him out of town or requires him to be in the office till about 10 p.m.
    P n Q - that is all I ask for. I dont even want those can openers even though they see quite awesome.

  10. Speaking of wanting some solitude, I'll be poor beleaguered Gordon Brown could use some. Those guys play rough!

  11. Usha,

    Rainwater harvesting? I am assuming that is collection of rainwater because of the dry climate? I would be most interested ( as I am sure many of your readers abroad would be too) to read what that involves...

    Oh, oh, oh P & Q is the most desirable thing on earth (after the Big Two of course!) especially tonight after 2 hours in casualty with a false alarm... roll on retirement!!!

    Lawyer Mom,

    Our House of Commons is what I call "special" and thus the persons in it are "special" too.... I think you know the kind of "special" I mean:)))))


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