Monday, May 31, 2010

Music Monday; Just How Will You Say Goodbye?

A while back, I was doing a bit of internet surfing and I came upon a rather interesting article about modern songs being played at funerals, which is an increasingly popular phenomenon. Yes, gone are the days when one went out with a dignified chorus of Jerusalem or  The Lord is My Shepherd, now folks go out with anything from Queen to Robbie Williams. I've got to admit I have some sympathy with vicar, Geoff Strickland, who is quoted in the article as saying;

"To stand at the door of the church and hear Frank Sinatra singing ‘My Way' as the coffin is carried in, and then to hear ‘Grandad' playing as they file out is not right."

Too Right Fr Geoff! Have you heard "Grandad?" Well don't bother, it's complete pants! But if you really, really, really, want to hear it, here it is. (Oh, and stick with it because it gets worse as it goes along....)

You can check out the Grandad video here; I've removed it - as for some reason known only to teccy people and not to simple folks like myself it is doing what is commonly known as "screwing up the system." Now don't be afraid to check it out - you don't want to miss the sheer awfulness of it! But for those of you can't be bothered; it features an elderly man sitting in a rocking chair, singing an awful goey song and surrounded by a chorus of school girls dressed in 1970's fashions.

See, I told you. Complete pants. (High waisted ones with braces, of course.)

Blimey, I love those 1970s fashions though don't you?

(Sticks fingers down throat.)

Well, interestingly, the article also gave the results of a survey conducted of 30,000 funeral services to find the top ten most popular "last" records in the UK. So here they are, in reverse order;

10 "Unforgettable" Nat King Cole (Possibly- if you were generous in your will - if not, don't count on it. You may be forgotten as soon as the cream cakes at the wake have gone.)

09 "You'll Never Walk Alone" Gerry and The Pacemakers (Nope, not with six hearse bearers you won't be. Awful song. From Liverpool - that explains a lot obviously.)

08 "I Will Always Love You" Whitney Houston ( Be careful - you may get arrested.)

07 "My Heart Will Go On" Celine Dion. (Nope - you're dead. And if you're not - Boy have you got a surprise coming to you!)

06 "You Raise Me Up" Westlife/Boyzone/Josh Grobin ( There go those hearse bearers again - it's a busy day.)

05 "Over The Rainbow" Eva Cassidy (Yes, well, that's putting it mildly. Unfortunately, there may not be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow but you can always bluff it out and hope for the best!)

04 "Angels" Robbie Williams ( Well, I guess that's got to be better than Gary Barlow and Take That.)

03 "Time To Say Goodbye" Sarah Brightman/Andrea Bocelli. ( Sarah Brightman was married to Andrew Lloyd Webber you can sort of see her point of view....)

02 "Wind Beneath My Wings" Bette Midler/Celine Dion. (Um, a matchstick is probably more accurate.)

01 "My Way" Frank Sinatra/Shirley Bassey (Oh come on, nobody does it their way! Do you think if Elvis had died "his way" he'd have ended up with his pants down on the loo? Nope, I don't think so!)

Well, there you have it. Some pretty predictable choices really. Now, I guess, you're all curious to know what song I'd like to go out with? Well, I hope so or this post has been a complete waste of time! If you've been reading my blog for a while you may remember some of my Music Monday posts and have an inkling that I'm bit of a Glam Rock girl. So there's only one tune really for Mrs T and it's this one from the mighty SLADE;

So that's me done and dusted. So what about you folks? What song would you like to go out to? Leave the details of your farewell song in my comments section and I'll post the most original - or post it on your blog and let me know. Let's see who chooses the worst/best songs!

Oh yes, and if you thought you recognised "Grandad" - you're right. It is Clive Dunn from Dad's Army. Now there's a show to make you proud of being British!


  1. my song would be "one sweet day" by mariah carey and boyz II men..
    I find that sweet and appropriate in a funeral.....

  2. Hello Mie,

    I'd not heard of One Sweet Day before but I've just listened to it on You Tube - it's lovely - a power ballad with very appropriate sentiments:) Bit of a tear jerker!

  3. Mrs. T. maybe 'So long, farewell' from Sound of Music :-D

  4. Ohhh I like that one Sue! Just imagine if it could be done aka Sound of Music style with all the children and nieces and nephews...definately one worth considering:)

  5. Toss up between "Over the Rainbow" by that Hawaiian sumo wrestler and "Take me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver.

    However, I do have enough records in my collection that I can guarentee a perpetual day of crying.

  6. I'll leave this world loving you.
    It has special meaning for me as I was parted from my true love for 38 years, now we are together again.
    I sung it often during those years.

  7. G; I like Take me Home Country Roads by John Denver - sort of simple but meaningful. It remins me of the song we played at my father in law's funeral - "Those were the days my friends" - by Mary Hopkins.

    Gez - a whole day of crying?? I'm not coming to your funeral; I want a party!

  8. Hi Donald,

    I must admit I hadn't heard of this song - but I see you are a bit of a romantic so and so:)) I like the song too - not too sickly sweet - sort of happy yet peaceful at the same time:)

    It sounds like you have a story to tell! I do hope you and your beloved have many happy and fruitful years together now that you have been so lucky to find each other again:)

  9. Never thought of a song to go out of life with. Was very keen to have 'For Those in Peril' sang at my wedding (because I really liked that hymn back then) but was out-voted. Though not a bad song to go out of single-life with, perhaps.

  10. Hmm... me thinks that was your cunning sense of humour PB:)) Well there's a challenge for you and Sian - thinking of a suitable farewell song for each other! You could have Paberback Writer perhaps?? Anyway, make it something cheery; all these sad songs are making feel like listening to boy bands...and that simply won't do!!

    Hmm..How about Paperback Writer ?(With a few lyrics changed!)

  11. I actually think about this a lot. Does that make me extra weird?

  12. It's much easier deciding what it won't be. It definitely won't be Spirit in the Sky, although Arthur Brown's Fire might work [ ]. I wouldn't mind Goodnight, Ladies or Walk on the Wild Side, and the advantage in having those two songs is that Lou Reed could perform both. However, I think I'll settle for Jelly Roll Morton's Dead Man Blues [ ] and, definitely, the TV theme tune to The Magic Roundabout [ ]. I think that would get the pall-bearers skipping down the aisle with me on their shoulders. Yeah, wouldn't mind that. It would set the tone for a decent party. A fancy-dress wake. Everyone could come dressed up as a character from TMR. I'd have a couple of big ears stapled to the top of the coffin so I could take the role of that big rabbit Dylan.

  13. Lawyer Mom,

    No, you are absolutely not weird! (Well not anymore that I thought you were already!- Just kiddin') I think it is pretty normal to think through these things - and of course when you get to an age when bereavements become more commonplace one can't help but think about one's own mortality.

    As a point of interest - one day I plan to write my own Goodbye Speech what could be better - my voice from beyond the grave... I intend to make it one of the funnniest things I've ever written as I would want folks to remember me for my happier side and not the woman who gets depressed when she burns the baked beans....

  14. PB,

    Now " Fire" is a cracking song! Not much good if you're being buried though:) But still, it's in the spirit of things....:) I think I could pass over Lou Reed but I could defintely lie in state to Dead Man Blues:)

    A Magic Roundabout themed party? I like it! And what could be more appropriate than your bunny ears stapled to the coffin? Excellent idea! Also, everyone could come with springs attached to their feet and then you could finish the proceedings with a "Who Can Jump The Nearest to Heaven" competition; I might not do too well as I have strong gravitational pull...

    Hmm..I'm sensing a blusey, sort of moody funeral with a lot of incense around... Hmm... what have you been growing in your garden lately PB? Anything I should know about??

  15. Sweet Dreams, Eurythmics. My fav of all time, so I'd go out with that. If the CD was scratched, I'd plumb for Don't Stop Me Now, Queen.

    If that was scracthed, it would have to be the theme tune to Only Fools and horses. No income tax, no vat!! If only!

  16. Well I think those suit you perfectly Gary! Yeah, I can definately see your coffin coming in to Only Fools and Horses - still you said it:)))

    A certain irony in Don't Stop Me Now but nevertheless I quite like that as a funeral song - nice and upbeat:) So You:)

  17. ...well not only do i want this played at my funeral...
    this is how I want to go out...ha!

  18. Eddie,

    I like that very much - not so sure whether it was necessary to mention the kerosene in the song but it gave me a good giggle anyway:))


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