Sunday, December 6, 2009

Music Monday; Guilty Pleasures

Christmas is really on the way and those folks on the radio and in the shops just won't let us forget it will they? Yep, the incessant playing of seasonal songs drives me up the wall! In fact, by the time the Big Day is here I will probably be having nightmares about Cliff Richard turning up in my bedroom singing Mistletoe and Wine. Not a lot could be worse - except perhaps discovering that when your husband said he'd scored a birdie it wasn't quite the birdie you were thinking of.

Still, Mrs Tiger Woods has now got the opportunity to renegotiate her generous prenuptial settlement into an even more generous one. Fabulous! Only wish I'd done a prenup myself. Mind you half of nothing isn't a lot. (Although access to Mr T's garden shed is quite appealing.)

Whoops, got off track there; it's a bad habit I'm afraid. Anyhow... I love that Christmas spirit and some of those old songs like Slade's Merry Christmas Everybody, Wizard's I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day and the ultimate classic Bing's White Christmas. Of course, there are some great contemporary Christmas songs too like Wham's Last Christmas and Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You but nevertheless there comes a time in December when I have to switch off the radio because I just can't stand Christmas songs any longer.

And that's what I did this week; I just wanted to hear some truly timeless songs that I can listen to every day of the year, year after year.

So I looked through my CDs and decided to alternate between two unique sounds both of which I adore; the superb voice of Barbra Streisand and the equally superb voices of the BeeGees. And of course, when you put Barbra and the BeeGees together you get something even better...

You get a little piece of magic.

Here's one of my all time favourite songs sung by Miss Barbra Streisand and Mr Barry Gibb and you know what? I never feel Guilty about listening to this song over, and over, and over again.

Hmm...Barry looks kinda good in tight white pants. And it explains the voice. You wouldn't want to sit down in those trousers though would you? I had a bit of a problem like that myself once. Yep, I went to a conference wearing tight black trousers. Unfortunately it was only when I got home I released I'd developed a rather large split in them. Just as well I was wearing my super dooper big black granny knickers - imagine the embarrassment if everyone had seen my Little Miss Saucy pair! Yikes, it doesn't bear thinking about! Still Barry does looks fab in tight white pants. Maybe not as good as John Travolta in Saturday Night fever though..... Although Barry doesn't have little green men whispering in his ear which has got to be a major plus.

By the by, I just read John Travolta turned down an opportunity to fly on Richard Branson's Virgin space shuttle. Apparently, he couldn't afford time of work to do the six months astronaut training. Hmm.... I didn't know John Travolta was so short of cash! Perhaps he has to pay a personal seamstress to stitch him into his pants daily or maybe he's just eaten too many pies and is worried about fitting into one of those tiny little seats??

Nah, I can't believe either of those.... I think he's just too scared of running into those little green men.

Okay, somebody watch my back please:)

Ps - I really like Barbra; she's such a modest lady. All that money and she still finds a second use for her tablecloth.


  1. Hi, Jane. I clicked on the video because I was curious to hear the song, but it sort of gave me a bit of a shock. I had to stop the player before it even reached a quarter of the total runtime. I just realized that her songs were actually the ones that made me rebellious when I was a kid. Anyway, I liked your post, and especially your sense of humor. Stay cool. =)

  2. Hi Ryhen,

    Gosh, I hope I haven't set off some troublesome memories for you:) It's amazing how music has the power to work its way into our subconcious and stir memories, invoke feelings or, as you imply, move you in a different direction. I guess music is actually a very primitive but powerful form of comunication - I expect we were banging drums long before we spoke:)
    I've got many songs that bring back memories both happy and sad - some I've blogged about before in previous Music Monday posts but I guess even in the sad ones I think they're still good tunes. I guess I just love music!

    Good to see you around & take care:)

    Oh thanks for the compliment about my humour:) Glad you like it:)

  3. Picture the scene: Beardie (Richard Branson) bounces up to John Travolta, who had been minding his own business until then, and boasts about his space shuttle like little boys boast about conkers ... that's probably the best excuse John could come up with, given no warning. Even then, I doubt Beardie went away quietly!

    As always, your blog is a tonic and is appreciated all the more at this time of year!!

  4. Ah thank you for those kind words Mrs B:)

    I do believe you are right about John Travolta:) It did seem a very paltry excuse from the lovely gentleman but as you say in a moment of sheer panic when confronted by the gross idea of being strapped in a Virgin Space Shuttle with Beardie it was absolutely excusable!

    (Hope he has a little more first time success than with the balloons...)

  5. Yeah, those balloons ... I'm no doctor but I think Beardie has Mad Optimistic Compulsive Disorder (it's a new syndrome I just thought of two seconds ago). He bought a railway line, didn't he? I rest my case.

  6. Nice choice... A pretty happy and lively duet. "Night Fever" Hmmm.... You've been reading my mind again.

  7. Ford focus Mum;

    Strangely enough, that's a condition I suffer from myself...every Monday morning when I start a new diet:)

    Mr I,

    You got swine flu?!


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