Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just a quickie....

Yep, I'm extraordinarily busy at the moment so my writing has suffered. The tennis and cricket seasons are in full swing which means I'm out every evening as usual but also almost the entire weekend with some sort of sporting affair. Also, Master Sam is in the middle of exams so during the day I'm ferrying him around too. Then with all those other things a mother has to do my precious time for writing has just been gradually dwindling away. I'm going to try and keep posting though-even if the posts turn out much shorter than usual. (Huge sighs of relief across the world.)

However, even with all these things going on I have found time for some sucking.

Yep, sucking.

Yep, Delmonte have produced a limited edition fruit smoothie lolly in the shape of Daniel Craig. MMMMmmm.... personally I like my lollies quite firm so I can give them a really good lick. The last thing a gal wants is a lolly that dribbles too much. Sooo messy! I like the purple head though..what a good idea doing pomegranate, blueberry and cranberry flavours. Yummy! And can you believe this ? They are only a 100 calories - wow I could suck on Daniel all day and still not gain any weight. Fantastic!

Well must dash... gotta stock up at Tescos before they run out......


  1. No seriously!!! OMG is all I can say. Bet your freezer's full now Mrs. T:-)

  2. Btw Mrs. T, I feel so good to know that I'm not the only one who's not been blogging.

  3. Join the gang Mrs T . Too busy reading to blog.
    I did go through your last post and have to source the books from teh British Council.
    On the subject of Daniel Craig ice lollies what can I say except that, now that Im in my dotage I prefer Hugh Jackman . ( sigh)

  4. Sue,

    Well as much as I love writing it has to take second place to all my other doubt that is the same for you and most of our blogging friends. Still, I can always find a time for a nice lolly:)

    Mrs G,

    I won't complain about Mr Jackman, whom I would happily suck. He's so delicious I might even indulge in a nibble:)

    Ahh..reading is good for the mind. (Unless it's my arch enemy Thomas the Tank Engine in which case it's good for the bonfire.)

  5. You're kidding! I guess I'll be like the other "commentors" and not take a bite either. :)

    I know what you mean about not having time to blog. Well, we at least now know what you're doing in your leisure time.

  6. Do you think he's got his hands down his trunks to keep them warm?

  7. Mr I,

    So you won't bite then? What a pity! It's so entertaining when you do!

    Miss Hyde - Very observant of you. And a jolly good question. It could be he's trying to ward off the chilblains on the other hand maybe the lollipop designer at Delmonte is making a subtle point. Ho hum.

  8. I'm not arsed about the lolly, but the bird looks very decent. any chance you can show us the rest of the picture? I just know she's standing in the buff next to the fridge door shouting over the breakfast bar...Christ this white wine is strong.

  9. Well Gary I'm sure she's wearing a white tee shirt over some silicone implants but just to placate you....

    I feel certain it's just a little white lacy number through which your beady eyes will no doubt pass...before they move to her twin wearing the black negligee who is particularly fond of nice creamy Cornettos.....

    Hmm...I'll leave the rest to your vivid imagination!

    Ps...A woman doesn't need to be tipsy to enjoy a nice lolly you know:))

  10. You know, I am really quite bothered about the positioning of the lolly stick...

  11. Mmmmmmmmmmm..!!

    Eegads. My poor blog is suffering too. trying to get through studies that NEVER END! and, a full house of visitors this summer..Can I come live with you when they arrive? hehe

  12. Miss Hyde,

    Again, I think you have a very interesting point....


    Howdy! I hope those studies are going there much longer to go?

    Well if you're ever in the UK you will be very welcome to stay; I could do with some female company. Since I'm outnumbered 4:1 a little female companionship from time to time is rather nice. (Bring paper towels though as the loo seats are always wet.)

    PB...I take it you object to these lovely lollies then?? Or did you want to offer your services to Delmonte?!

  13. I think your natural progression as a writer Mrs T is straight into porn. don't hold back now, just let it all go, and I, as a favour, will edit all your work for free. and of course proof all the pictures for your book covers etc. Friends, you see, always handy to have :)

  14. Hmm... all this coming from Gary, who is about to have a book published called "Streakers"!

    I tell you what - I'll check your book covers and you can check mine!!

  15. first blog read here and I get riled up over sucking and freeze pops. I'm a fan.

  16. Welcome Walt to My Witty Ways. I hope you're feeling a little more chilled today:)

    I was momentarily disturbed on reading your blog that you are a fan of the (very talented) Mr Hasselhoff. Fortunately, I was reassured of your good sense by your liking for sophisticated conversation of which I am an expert:) Might I add that I particularly liked the picture of you stuffing your face with a burger - It's sooo refreshing when people are honest about their needs and wants:)


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