Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bloggers Unite for Poverty 2008

Do you miss me Mummy
Down in your shallow grave
Dried, brittle bones in the barren earth
I miss your touch Mummy
Your sweet embrace

Will you miss me Daddy
Wrapped in your scruffy shroud
Wasted, crinkled corpse in the sterile soil
I miss your smile Daddy
Your adoring laugh

My stomach is empty Mummy
My limbs are lank and lifeless
I need a bowlful of rice Mummy
But no one listens
And no one comes

My mouth is parched Daddy
My throat is swollen and sore
I need a cupful of water Daddy
But no one listens
And no one comes

I think I’ll lie down Mummy
The sun is strong and searing
I need a spoonful of rice Mummy
But no one listens
And no one comes

I think I’ll rest now Daddy
The days are long and linger
I need a mouthful of water Daddy
But no one listens
And no one comes

I think I’ll close my eyes Mummy
The dark is warm and welcoming
I think I’ll sleep forever Daddy
But no one listens
And no one comes

Copyright Jane Turley 2008


  1. Jane, your poem is poignant, tender, moving and deeply sad. It caused a tear or three to trickle down my face. It's a brilliant contribution to this blog action day.

    I hope that many see your work here. People are desensitised by shocking media images that they no longer associate with thinking, feeling people. Your poem brings home the essential humanity of those suffering futile loss through poverty. Thank you so much.

    Geoffrey x

  2. Well Mrs T. That was very touching indeed. And I am glad you managed to get the post up, as me and time never managed to meet up and put something down.

  3. beautiful and touching Jane. Just the sort of thing that must have been going through the mind of the kid they discovered abandoned in a gutter yesterday. One hears about them ever so often and I see poverty all around me - I don't know if I should be thankful for what I have or ashamed to be living in such an unequal world.

  4. Poverty is one of the most terrible things in our world.

    Although we give much to relieve the suffering of many, we can always do more.

    Thanks for the reminder, Mrs. T.

  5. Very touching poem, Jane. Even more so because you have shown the hopelessness of poverty though the experience of a small, helpless child.

  6. Geoffrey,Sy,Usha,Mewie and Manju,

    Thank you all for your lovely comments. I wanted to write something for the Poverty Action Day but I realised they are far more poeple better informed and more equipped to deal with the facts and figures which speak very loudly for the terrible situation many of our fellow men find themselves. There's no doubt about it; even though much strife is caused by internal conflicts in some parts of the world we can ALL do a little bit more to help relieve poverty. I don't think there is anything more distressing than watching the suffering of innocent children.


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