Sunday, February 7, 2016

Yet another embarrassing moment for Mrs T

I've recounted a few embarrassing moments on this blog so it may come as no surprise to hear that I've had yet another...

So the other day Mr T dropped me into our local town and arranged to pick me up a short while later outside the library after he had picked up Master Jacob from school. I duly did my shopping and rushed back to the library to see Mr T and Master Jacob parked in our silver-coloured car outside the library as agreed.

I waved at them and rushed into the library to drop off a book and dashed back so not to keep them waiting any longer. However, when I came out, to my annoyance, Mr T was already reversing out of the space. (A few choice words about impatient husbands may have crossed my mind.)

I duly ran over to our car, opened the door and was in the process of hauling my arse into the back seat when a voice piped up;

"Not this car, love."

Yes. That's right. I got into the wrong car. Fortunately, the two blokes in it thought it was very funny and had a good laugh at my expense.

I felt a bit of an arse though. And I had to take back all those naughty thoughts I'd had about Mr T.

Bah humbug.


  1. Ha ha! Hope you didn't have to wait too long for your ride.

  2. Hi! Lovely blog you have here :)
    Love the story, too - my sister in law did this over the summer, when we were out running a whole day's worth of errands. I waited in the car for her at one stop, and upon her return, she dove into my car, put her hands over her head and said, "Drive! I just got into the wrong car with some total stranger!"
    I have a pretty generic make and model of car.

  3. A friend of mine once loaded all of her groceries into the wrong car. She didn't realize she was in the wrong car until after she was buckled in and tried to put her key in the ignition. We still roar with laughter every time we think of it.

    Linda K
    @_theheadcabbage from
    Tales from the Cabbage Patch


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