Thursday, December 3, 2015

Inspirational quotes or just bullshit?

I was reading an article in the Daily Mail today about a Canadian study which suggested that people who post lots of inspirational quotes and messages on social media might have less cognitive abilities. The study also suggested that many of these inspirational messages may be just pure meaningless bullshit. In other words - gullible people are prey to believing in any old crap.

This may or may not be true. I am not casting any judgement. (Yet.) However, I thought I'd conduct my own experiment and make up a few inspirational messages of my own and post them on social media and see what effect they have. I'll be reporting back in due course.

Here's my first inspirational message. I'll be testing it out tomorrow.


  1. My kind of Santa too. And I think it is just bullshit! I love inspirational quotes. I love all kinds of quotes!!

  2. Not quite my perfect Santa (not a fan of body art) but obviously better than the old, overweight sort that usually springs to mind. I guess vulnerable people can be influenced by social media but I think that applies to lots of things, not just quotes which can be quite inspirational.


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