Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A New All Time Low for The Housewife Extraordinaire

Oh dear, dear, dear, readers, something terrible has happened in the Turley household and put my position as Housewife Extraordinaire up for serious review.

Now some time ago, I had to replace my washing machine. I can't remember exactly when that was so I reckon that's well over a year ago and probably closer to two years.

And last week the Good Mr T pointed out to me that, for all that time, I had only been putting the clothes onto wash on the rinse cycle.

I haven't, in fact, washed any clothes properly with detergent for nearly two years.

Oh God. This is a new low for me. That'll teach me to read instruction manuals without my glasses.

The funny this is I had noticed that some of Master Jacob's sweaty tennis shirts had come out of the machine not quite as fragrant as I'd expected. Unfortunately, I had put this down to the synthetic nature of the shirts. I'd even noticed that there didn't appear to much (or any in fact) soap suds in the machine. However, it still didn't click.

Anyway, it turns out it with there was nothing wrong with the tennis shirts or the quality of the detergent it was just my gross incompetence.

Mr T hasn't filed for divorce yet. But he has taken his shirts to the launderette.

Mr T's new attire. Don't you just hate it when someone keeps labouring a point?


  1. No doubt you were too busy being impressed over how fast your new machine was "washing" your clothes! lol

    1. This is the curious thing, Wendy - I was putting the machine on what I thought was a "wash" but was actually a 55 minute rinse cycle! I've never had a machine with such a long rinse cycle before.

  2. Mrs. T. when you were busy writing your novel, apart from driving the young Ts around for their various sport, how could you be expected to read instructions too

    1. This is true, Sue. Somehow I am always too busy to do any of my housework diligently- I think Mr T is catching on to my bad management now. There could be trouble ahead!


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