Friday, October 12, 2012

Who is the hottest man on the planet?

I have just spilt my luke-warm blackcurrant juice down my top and in between my boobs. Yuck. It was a bit of a shock to the system.  You see, I was thinking so hard I completely missed my mouth - which is quite difficult being as it's so big.

Anyway, I did this as I was just editing a paragraph of my novel where my main protagonist is fantisizing. (No surprises there then.) Naturally, this included fantasizing about men and I was wondering about who is actually the hottest man on the planet. Obviously, the name that springs to mind is George Clooney because ladies of a certain age ( 47 to be precise) consider the overall package ( humour, intelligence, wallet, looks) whereas younger ladies might consider just biceps, wallet and whether or not the gentleman concerned plays for Manchester United.

Gorgeous George. (Picture courtesy of Wikipedia) Is he still the hottest? Or has Sylvester Stallone's steroid implants saved the day? 

But is George Clooney still the hottest guy on the planet? He's 51 now - maybe looking a bit saggy? Is his brain more attractive than his body? Is there a rival? What do you readers think? Has George been usurped and if so, by whom?

Now obviously I'm interested in your personal opinions but if you can also put yourself in the shoes of a 45 mother of three who works in a furniture store and is married to an husband with Aspergers then all the better. (As I said not at all like me. I'm 47, I haven't worked in a furniture store for about 16 years and my husband does not have diagnosed Aspergers. Not yet anyway.)

All comments gratefully received.

Disclaimer. All characters in my book are fictional and bear no resemblance whatsoever to me or any other person I know living or dead.

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