Saturday, July 2, 2011

Can it be True?

Can it be true?

Is it really possible??

How can such a thing happen???

I gasped. I gawped. I felt a churning in my stomach.

I pushed the first suicidal thoughts out of my mind and whispered in awe...

How can any woman have a hair THAT long on her chin?

I turned the mirror to catch the sun and...

Slowly, deliberately, with skill of a brain surgeon, I raised my shears...

And then I had a thought...

You know, Mrs T, if you thread it with pasta it would work incredibly well with your organic knitted jewellery range.

I am a genius.


  1. Do put up a pic of the threaded pasta! ROFL

  2. How about just getting rid of the mirror? Job done!

  3. Well now we will just have to wait and see Sue!!!!!

    No way Martin! I don't want to be approached for a part in Planet of Apes IV!

  4. Ohhhh I just don't know Fancy - I'm feeling so shy about it......:))

  5. Well, if you're feeling shy, add some tomato and cooked cheese, and call it macaroni chins (not suggesting you've got more than one, just that 'chins' is closer to 'cheese' than 'chin'). Maybe you'll make the leap from costume jewelry and facial adornments to haute cuisine.

  6. I dispute entirely any suggestions that I have more than one chin PB!! (Irrespective that I may have implied it underneath my photo....) My chin is actually as firm as Rocky Balboa's six pack!

    Haute Cusine? Ha, ha, ha, ha...............ain't never going to happen PB - when I make macaroni cheese after cooking it the pasta is even harder than when it first started out:)


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