Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weight Loss Challenge Day 4 and a grumpy Mrs T in London

So the boys and I made it into London yesterday to see The Lion King which turned out to be a fantastic production. My boys were totally mesmerized - which is more than I can say for the young lad next to me who spent the entire time scoffing sweets, drinking fizzy pop and worse - breaking wind constantly after the interval. I tell you, I thought Young Sam's underpants were a deadly weapon but by the time that lad grows into a adult he is going to find it seriously hard to find a girlfriend. Yep, as soon as he goes out on his first date it'll be over cos no woman can take that kind of nasal assault for more than a minute. And as for kid behind me who kept kicking my chair.....


And the tourists who kept talking...


What is it with these people? Why pay a serious amount of money to go for a wondeful experience and then spend the entire time talking, eating and being a general nuisance to everyone around them?  I managed to put up with the kicking of the seat for about 10 mins and was just about to throttle the child when he stopped - hopefully his mother pointed out that what he was doing was rather naughty - although I'm inclined to think he just wore himself out as I would have noticed my boys doing that kind of thing immediately.

We British are a funny lot though. We put up with things that other nationalities just simply wouldn't tolerate. It's that stiff upper lip mentality, particularly amongst the middle classes. Anyway, although there were people sitting closer to the tourists in the end I could stand the chatting no more so I turned around and made that universal gesture....

No, no. Not that universal gesture. The other one - fingers raised to the lips meaning "Be Quiet."

Although (cough, cough) when I was raising my finger I was thinking of the other gesture.......

Anyway, so yesterday I completed day 4 of my weight loss challenge and lost another pound. So that brings my total to 6lbs in 4 days. I'm pretty pleased as yesterday I did no exercise- although any trip to London requires a good deal of walking. And just to keep the heart pumping the boys and I walked up the 193 steps at Convent Garden tube station. Well, the boys walked... I moaned....

Mrs T: Oh My God ..How many more steps? Surely, surely, there can't be any more... 

Master Jacob:  Just another few flights.

Mrs T: Give me water......... I'm dying.......

Master Ben: But this was your idea Mummy.

Mrs T: Never listen to me again!

Master Ben (slyly) : Okay

Mrs T: Oh My God, I'm cramping!  Give me water! Help!

Master Ben: Sorry, I can't hear you.

Mrs T: Just remember it's your birthday tomorrow, Sonny Jim.

Master Ben: Oh...... I don't have any water Mummy. But you can have my fizzy pop and the sweets that I was going to annoy people with at the theatre. Will that do?

You Know, you just can't win when you have kids. Although I admit - I do try really, really hard.

Evil laugh


  1. Glad they liked the show - nothing quite like live theatre.

    I totally agree about people who go to the theatre/cinema to talk, eat loudly and also eat foul smelling food etc. Why? Can they not survive two hours without substantial sustenance? People just behave as though it's their own living room now - zero consideration. Rant rant.

    Did the tourists shut up after you menaced them?

    Continued congrats on diet. How's the sleeping?

  2. I agree Mrs A - live theatre ticks all my boxes:)

    Yes, it's ridiculous the excessive consumption of everything from Maltesers to gross boxes of popcorn. I can just about put up with it at the cinema but at the cost of a West End ticket it's absolutely maddening! The tourists did shut up - thank goodness -otherwise there was going to be new version of The Lion King which might have required serious mauling of members of the audience:)

    Slightly better last night Mrs A but overall still pretty bad.

  3. I've never done the steps at Covent Garden but, if you wanted a change of scenery (eh?), try the spiral steps at Hampstead. Quite late at night. There comes a point when you think 'this was a seriously bad idea' - but it seems an even worse idea to go back down again and get the lift. Needless to say, I only did it once - and managed to move out of London shortly afterwards!

  4. I will remember to avoid Hampstead tube station Mrs A!

    Of course, there are attractions to living in London but travelling conditions is not one of them. County air is certainly better:)


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