Thursday, December 16, 2010

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

There's been so many recordings of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, the song first made famous by the great Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. Up until recently my favourite recording of this timeless song was probably the one by the late Eva Cassidy. However, in the last few weeks I've been hearing the version by Hawaiian Israel Kamakawiwo'ole recorded in 1993 and I have to admit it has a certain addictive quality. It's really quite bizarre how all three of these talented performers should have died so comparatively young; Judy was 47, Israel only 38 and Eva just 33. All three singers are so very different but I think all do equal justice to a truly wonderful song. We're lucky they left behind such wonderful legacies.


Judy Garland

Eva Cassidy

Israel Kamakawiw'ole


  1. I remember first seeing Israel's on YouTubes brief foray into music television a few years ago and got wickedly hooked on the song.

    The song is so incredibly spiritual that I can't even listen to it without breaking out in tears. Shoot, I'm starting to get sad simply writing this comment.

    I featured a link to it on my blog late in February as a tribute to my dad who passed away six years ago.

    The song was also featured in an episode of the shoe "E.R." when they wrote off Anthony Edwards character (I believe they may have used Eva Cassidy's version).

  2. Israel's version is a big favourite with my daughter and she has this playing in her car quite often. I'd heard this version too on youtube. Norah Jones sings a version much like Israel's. I am listening to Eva Cassidy's version for the first time.

  3. G: Don't cry. Save that for when you hear the The Gap Band! Now that really wants to make me cry:))

    Sue: I shall check out the Norah Jones version I'm not sure if I've heard it. It's a great song though and I think that so many people can sing it successfully just goes to prove the point:)

  4. Hadn't heard the Eva Cassidy version before and think it's wonderful. What a tragically premature end to her life though - sobering. Now to find something to offset that sobriety :-)

  5. Happy Tipples PB!

    You must check out Eva other songs if you've not done before - an excellent voice:)

  6. I love this - keep hearing it played but never find out who the singer is! you have solved a mystery for me and given me 4:40 of chill time :)


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