Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Little Superstars

It's the school holidays again so it's back to work entertaining my boys and preparing for Christmas. I can't really complain as they're lovely children and even though they drive me bonkers a good proportion of the time they also serve me up moments like this one a few weeks ago;

Jacob and Ben pick up awards from former British No 1 tennis player and television presenter Andrew Castle. Jacob: U12 County Champion, U12 South County Champion, U14 South County finalist. Master Ben: South County U10 Champion, County U9 finalist and together ( not fighting for once) South County U13 doubles finalists.

You know, it kinda made me feel proud. Shame about the tie. And the collar. And those ears. Other than that - pretty good!


  1. They look like smashing kids. It's okay to be proud - there will be plenty of moments when you're embarrassed, so you need a balance!!!

  2. Congrats to one and all for jobs well done.

  3. Thanks Fran:) I already have regular moments of embarrasment! (The majority are my own rather my kids though- c'est la vie!)

    Thanks G:))

  4. Superstars indeed! Congratulations all round. And as for the collar and tie, that's cool - even Andrew Castle is trying to follow that couldn't-care-for-too-much-formality-so-let's-dress-down-a-bit look.

  5. Thanks PB:) The boys put up some resistance to wearing a tie - obviously with more a subtle effect than I'd originally noticed!

  6. Congrats Mrs. T! Every right to feel proud!


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