Thursday, February 2, 2023

Less is More (well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it)

I've been practising my haikus, which you may recall, I'm not particularly good at. However, I wanted to address the woke issue in a concise, meaningful way as it is such a serious matter for discussion and particularly relevant to me as a comic writer.

Which, if you know me,  translates as:

1) I'm too lazy to write a long analytical post.


2) I'd rather watch a movie and eat tortilla chips.

However, I feel obliged to say my part. So here goes, and I am pleased to say that in the writing of the following haiku, I broke my own speed record!

45 seconds. Awesome. I might get 2 movies in tonight.

Ok, here goes with the haiku.

Man, I'm so fed up

with this bat-shit wokey stuff

head in the oven 

Now, where are my tortilla chips?



  1. Hi Jane, good to see you're still roaming the internet! Since Google+ died several years ago, I haven't found anything remotely similar to "Literary agents hate kittens" -- have you kept in touch with anyone else?

    1. Hi Susann, How lovely to hear from you! So sorry about the late reply. I am not blogging much at the moment. Yes, I still in touch with Chaunce - and in fact edited a novel for him back in 2020, I think. For a while Buzz too but he seems to have disappeared on FB now. I am still writing though - have just finished an MA in comedy writing and now looking to move in TV. Would love to hear your news sometime....


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