Monday, November 16, 2020

Three Glasses of Wine leads to Bad Poetry

Yes, I have had three glasses of wine as I am off work for a few days as I am self-isolating prior to a minor medical procedure. I am, therefore, feeling a little ribald. So, I decided to write a poem.  

Now, before some of my lovely American readers go apeshit, please remember this a comedy blog (even if it has been slightly lacking in humour for a while.) As a consequence, the poem is in my usual eloquent style which required some deep thought for all of 5 minutes. 

Here we go:

There was an old man called Trump

Who had a particularly small lump

For a brain

He lost an election

Got a floppy erection

And was never seen or heard of


Quality stuff - although the last line is probably rather optimistic. Let's face it who doesn't want to see more of Mr Trump. He is pure comedy gold as is our own Mr Johnson. 

Let's see what I can manage tomorrow night after a few drinks. Nominated subject matters welcomed. 


  1. I'm sure you could wax lyrical on the comings and goings of Dominic Cummings lol. Hope the procedure goes ok and you stay virus free.

    1. I shall have to apply myself to Mr Cummings:)

      Thanks, Wendy. I should be fine:)

  2. The question is does Trump leave with a whimper or do we get to watch him marched out in a straightjacket. I know many would like to see him leave in handcuffs. Personally, I think he is negotiating to not be arrested for financial and tax crimes in the state of New York.

    Cheers from the United States.

    1. I suspect that you are right, Ann. I watched a documentary a few days ago and he does seem to have had a rather dubious financial past! Let's hope Mr Biden can get things back on an even keel. Things are very rocky over here too at government levels with a huge public outcry about PPE contracts worth millions being awarded in an improper manner. I doubt Mr Johnson will see out his term of office - if he does it will be a miracle!

  3. I wish he would never be seen or heard from again. Alas, I doubt that will happen


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