Wednesday, March 14, 2018


God, I am exhausted. Three nights with almost no sleep. 4 hours of commuting a day, a nine hour working day for which I spend 8.5 on my feet, propping up my kids with all their various issues, sorting out the huge financial mess my husband left us, trying to carve a career again at 53, sorting out all the housework, all the DIY.

On top of this as I no longer have time to look after myself at all. Not that I did that much before but at least I found time for an occasional swim and to write. Now my writing career which was on the rise has plummeted and because I can’t find time to swim and I’m on my feet all day my knees have frozen up. I now have the knees of an eighty year old.

Life sucks. But I’m not sorry my marriage is over. That would have killed me quicker than all the stress I am under now. So hurrah for freedom and goodbye to all that.



  1. At least you're still able to see a positive side to things.

    1. Yep. Thats me. Idiotically optimistic. Should be on anti-depressants I did google them when i was feeling low one day but one of the potential side effects is diarrhea. Too big a risk to take at my age. I cant get to the loo quick enough as it is let alone if i had the squits. lol.

      If you coming into central London Wendy let me know. I think I owe you a cuppa and a cake for bravery in face of bad blogging:) Also, I promise not to be a divorce bore!


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