Monday, May 1, 2017

A Worrying Start to the Month

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself earlier this morning as I'd made it through the April A to Z Challenge when, truthfully, at the outset I didn't think I'd last the distance. So, as I am on the late shift today and have a 12.30pm start at work I thought I'd take a few cheeky minutes in bed before I tackled the housework. So I jumped into bed, leant over the side and picked up my iPad, popped on my glasses and set about spellchecking my last A to Z.

Only, horror upon horrors, since writing my last A to Z in the middle of night, my eyesight had drastically deteriorated! The page was all fuzzy when normally my typos are jumping out at me and slapping me around the face like a wet mackerel to remind me of my gross grammar incompetencies. Immediately, I cursed the menopause, the wear and tear of getting old, and rued the fact that with such rapid eyesight deterioration I was definitely not going to be able to avoid an optician's appointment and new prescription glasses.

That's when I sensed something else was wrong.

That's when I realised I was wearing two pairs of glasses.

Oh God, please don't let me do that at work. Please. It's bad enough being the eldest in the shop, don't let it look like I've got dementia as well.

Thank you, Lord.


  1. lol I'm usually looking for my glasses and finding them on my head! Well done for getting to the end. I hope it keeps the writing flowing.

  2. Doesn't that mean you can see twice as far? I guess I've never completely understood the concept of how glasses work.

  3. Haha! Yes, the whole thing with glasses is such a nuisance: I have always had to wear them but the rot set in when I decided I needed a glasses cord as I began to need to take them off to read close-up. You will sometimes find me in a supermarket with indoor glasses and sunglasses hanging round my neck while I read those food labels ...

    At least in your case, taking one pair of glasses off made things better and I can't see the harm in positioning yourself at work as senior, experienced, a little eccentric and the expert that you are. All USPs from the sound of it!


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