Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yet More About Where's Wally Onesies

Too many people are googling Where's Wally Onesie and arriving here on my blog. I am assuming these people are just having a laugh and are not actually contemplating purchasing the said offending item of clothing.

Either way, I am declaring a National State of Emergency. 

Unfortunately, due to the poor mental health of a large number of people the stocks of Where's Wally onesies are running incredibly low. However, if  you so desire and are happy to be carted off to the local asylum you can purchase the delightful alternative pictured above for the princely sum of £6.00 from supermarket chain, Asda. They will sit nicely in the trolley along with the loo rolls and fire-lighters.


  1. Where's Wally? Easy, it's the *@#* wearing these!

  2. I couldn't have said it better myself, Martin!

  3. OK, I've been under a rock for, oh, about a year and all the talk is of onesies. It's dungarees all over again, isn't it? I mean, onesies would make it a bit tricky for ladies to go to the loo, no?

    I'm just glad I'm not part of the Tesco pyjama police squad ...

  4. I can't believe they made staff dress up in PJs in Tescos, Mrs B. I hope those poor assistants got extra pay!

    I once had a jumpsuit (circa 1990) and I even had a pair of blue dungarees back in 1983. They were both a pain in the arse when it came to visits to the Ladies. However, at at least they looked nice whereas a onesie just make the wearer look a complete idiot. I expect Russell Brand has a wardrobe full of them.

  5. Urk! They would be skin-tight. That has put me right off my mince pies and mulled wine!

    (The poor check-out lady in Tesco today had an elf hat with EARS. I was too polite to say anything. Indeed, what was there to say?)

  6. That poor woman Mrs B. I expect she is on anti-depressants now...

  7. Onesies are great - until you want a wee.
    Thanks for all the laughs this year Jane and I wish you a Happy Christmas - keeeeeeep writing!

    Anna May x

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog throughout the year and for the Christmas wishes, Anna May:)I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too with lots of that Irish laughter!


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