Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Bad Dream

Ugh - I had a really bad dream last night.

I dreamt I stepped on the weighing scales in the bathroom and they fell apart.

And if that isn't bad enough - they were positioned next to the toilet and in order to stop myself falling and having a nasty injury I had to put one foot down the loo.

Even worse - the loo had not been flushed. You can guess the contents.

(Obviously the toilet seat was up. No surprise there.)

Frankly, I don't think you could get a worse dream than that. I think my sub-conscience is telling me I need to lose weight or something awful is going to happen.

Oh well, I suppose I'd better start another diet....

Oh hang on - I know why I dreamt this! It's because I watched the video below yesterday which if you are in any way squeamish I wouldn't advise watching because whilst most of it is funny the ending is very gruesome.

And don't ask why I was watching this video - let's just say I was having one of my "random" days.

I don't think I'm going to avert the diet though - just in case....


  1. I thought I'd watch the video, but, on second thoughts, if it brought on this bad dream, maybe I should pass. Btw, frightful dream!!

  2. Probably a wise idea Sue! I laughed most of the way through it - but they just took it too far at the end. Still, I'm sure some folks will appreciate it!

    Yes awful dream! Ghastly, ghastly, ghastly:))

    I hope things are going well with the new addition to the family:))

  3. I liked the toilet video so much. Its so funny.

  4. Not one for the squeamish though!

    Thanks for dropping by Interesting facts:)

  5. That is all you need, Mrs T. Never mind ... school holidays soon!!!!!

  6. Well now Mrs B - that comment has really put my bad dream into perspective!

    I better get a home delivery of sherry ready for the school hols.....

  7. One case or two? Thank goodness for online shopping.


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