Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Night is Chill Night

It's Friday night, so it's chill night. Tonight, I have mixed feelings about chill night as I have a double blow to bear - I'm missing out on a book club night and Mr T is away from home.

 However, on the plus side...


Oh sweet joy.

Anyway, before I crack on with the 20 litre case of red wine discarded from the tennis club by the wine snobs, flick through thirty random channels just to irritate the cat and settle on some late night horror movie ( Sex in the City 2) I'm going to play some Friday night chill music.

 Here's Craig David with Seven Days


  1. Such a fabulous writer but such dismal taste in chill music ;o)

    Just a quick note to thank you for your welcome back message.. i'm attempting to solidly seat my ass back in that saddle! x

  2. Hee, hee, hee - I know a few people who would agree with you about my taste in music Cheryl:)) I think I even have Bucks Fizz somewhere on my blog!!

    It's good to see you back! Just blog when you feel like it - I think that's the key - that way you don't lose the fun aspect!

  3. Craig David?! Me's thinking you must have sparked a sly joint up whilst on your own to be listening to that!!! I love this blog, best on the web :)

  4.'s thinking Craig David is not a popular choice! I shall have to counteract this populist feeling in due course:))

    I'm glad you love my blog though Anon! That's the kind of praise a woman needs at my age!! (Okay I had a big ego when I was young as well just don't tell anyone - I'm trying to age gracefully.)

  5. ....and just how many units are there in 20 litres of red wine, Jane? My pious tone is in no way connected to the fact that I have given up alcohol for January....
    Anna May x

  6. I have absolutely no idea Anna - perhaps I shouldn't have been using an intravenous drip:))

    Well done to making it to the 25th alcohol free! Only 7 more days before the binge starts!!!!


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