Monday, April 5, 2010

Any Moment Soon!

Yes...any moment soon the news we've all been waiting for in the UK will be hitting the headlines; the date of the  forthcoming general election. After 5 years of Labour rule and 13 consecutive years of Labour government the country will finally go to the polls again. I'm one of many, I believe, hoping for a breath of fresh air ... and I think this country certainly needs a real change.

But before you folks start worrying that I'm going to get too serious and bore you all to death with political ramblings let me assure you I will commentating on the proceedings in my own unique manner. Now in preparation for this stupendous intellectual feast I feel I should get into the right frame of mind - So naturally I've been contemplating sending Mr T some false expenses for some shoes I've never worn, a second mortgage for a house I don't own, and £3.00 receipt for a sandwich I didn't buy. However, then I thought twice about ripping Mr T off and decided the best thing to do would be to just "lose" his credit card in the spin cycle.

But then I had another thought - why not just get out my Chrissy prezzies and get in the mood that way? So here's the first prezzie, a gift from the Young Masters;

Just in case you can't read the writing on my mug it reads; "Politically Incorrect And Proud." Yes, it's true; Mrs T is one of a dying breed prepared to say Up Yours to Mr Brown. (And indeed anyone who annoys me including Katie Fforde (repetitive books), Beyonce (repetitive songs) and Basil Brush (ticklish tail.)

Hmm... you know I've been looking closely at my mug and I think there's a slight fault.....the middle finger isn't raised.

So anyway, whilst I'm giving you the lowdown on what's happening in the UK I will be sipping my coffee (or maybe Options 40 calorie Hot Chocolate)  from my Politically Incorrect And Proud mug.

Secondly, (and this a bit personal folks so breathe in) when I go to the Ladies Room I will be using my Gordon Brown loo roll;

Yep, whenever Gordon drops a clanger - I will be dropping one too - and you know where! Yes, yes I know it's not very polite of me but remember I'm 45 - I haven't got much time left to have fun!

(Oh by the way I expect to run out of paper by the end of the first week.)

And thirdly, I will be using this;

In case you can't figure it out - it is an electronic drawing board which I got from Mr T for Christmas. Now I know I usually moan about my electronic gifts from Mr T (breadmaker, sat nav, washing machine etc etc) but I did actually request this in the vague hope that I might do something artistic - I don't know what - but I'm sure that A Level in Art will come in useful one day. It hasn't yet. Although ... come to think of it.... I do use it to pull my artistic weight over Mr T when it comes to choosing colour schemes for the house;

Mr T;  I like this green paint.

Mrs T; The cream is nicer.

Mr T;  What about this blue?

Mrs T; Cream goes with everything.

Mr T;  I fancy something a little different. How about that peach colour?

Mrs T: No.

Mr T: Lilac?

Mrs T; No.

Mr T: Yellow?

Mrs T:  Look, which one of us has got the A level Art?

Mr T: (sighs) You have.

Mrs T: Enough said. Right that's 5 tins of cream paint. 12 rolls of cream wallpaper and some cream cushions. You can have that small tin of green paint for your Airfix models. Oh.... and here's your credit card; I found it in the washing machine.

So there you have it; watch this space for Mrs T's highly intellectual guide to the UK elections. You may learn a thing or two - or very possibly - nothing!


  1. Now Mrs T. Short of voting monter raving looney party (which I will be...), are you not forgetting that they are all the same. The Tories are Labour in Tory clothing. Labour are Tories in Labour clothing....and the lib dems are dressed in a gingham dress going to the ball where they will more than likely get dragged in to a bush and taken roughly from behind by a rabid budgie.

  2. Vote Wayward Wife! Vote Wayward Wife! (I'm starting the campaign now...well, OK, after my Options Belgian choc.)

  3. Master Sy,

    You are indeed correct Sy. Not a lot of difference between the major parties - although I could use a gingham dress. I wonder if the Libdems would bring in compulsory gingham dresses?

    There is one major difference between Labour and the Tory though - David Cameron. And I freely admit if I'm going to look at the PM on telly I'd rather look at his sorry ass than Brown's. (or indeed Brown's face!) Anyway, Brown has had long enough to cock things up - let's give someone else a chance! Come on play fair - equal opportunities and all that!

    NB: No monsters around here - I may have to vote for myself:)


    Hello! Thank you for that support; I think I would make an excellent PM. Of course, I'd take the other Mrs T along as a consultant and we'd take the world by storm. First policy - compulsory Elevenses and Options Hot Chocolate for the entire work force - I'm onto a winner!

  4. Wow... I've been away for a while but I like the new look and feel of your site. You've done some house-keeping I see. Well Done! :)

  5. Thanks Mr I; glad you like it - and good to see you back:)

  6. To someone from another country, there is absolutely nothing even remotely exciting about this Brit election--nobody interesting one wants to follow or anything. Vote for politically incorrect WAYWARD WIFE!!

  7. Yep, you're right Sue - the election doesn't have the pull of the American election which had many interesting characters on the scene - and real international impact. Only 2 days in and already I reckon most people are already bored of the coverage - after the huge expenses scandal of last year no one believes a word they say anyway! I'm all for a hung parliament just so I can see how things pan out....


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