Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nightmare on Turley Street

I'm back! Last week was half term so I was tied up as usual. (Those boys can be really brutal.) Anyway, they were due back to school on Monday, so naturally, when the big day arrived I threw back the curtains with an enthusiasm only matched by the discovery of a hidden KitKat in the pantry. However, my delight soon turned to horror at what I saw before me. What did I see? Nope, it wasn't the cat relieving itself on my neighbours plants. (Which is actually quite an appealing scenario.)

It was snow.

Yeah, snow. Again.

Can I just say something?

Please, please God no more snow! Look, I know I've been a naughty girl but please don't punish me with anymore snow! I promise to be a good girl from now on and to be really, really careful when reversing. I will also try to curb my swearing, and I will try my very, very best not to dribble when I see pictures of Andy Roddick.
Anyway folks, I saw snow all over the street so thought it was possible the children would have yet another day off school. Groan. So I went downstairs and got out the paracetamol. Then, just I was opening the second packet, I remembered something exciting... Master Jacob's school, the worst of schools for snow closures, had purchased a snow clearing machine! I duly put the paracetamol back in the medicine cabinet and got out the Celebrations.
You know, I've never actually seen a snow clearing machine - except on an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine. And I don't think Jacob's school grounds are suitable for a steam engine or even a tractor so I started wondering what kind of clearing machine they had purchased. My first thought was this;

Yeah, that looks about right. A couple of spades, a few newly graduated teachers who haven't had their enthusiasm killed by paperwork and you could open the school in a jiffy.

Okay, maybe I'm being a bit cynical, perhaps a spade is a bit too basic. Perhaps the school have opted for something more revolutionary. Something more like this.....

You know that idea rather appeals to me. I always thought the head teacher blows a lot of hot air...

But hey, maybe they've gone for the full works, something a little grander...

Of course, it would have to be mounted on a wheelbarrow. But hey if it does the trick I won't complain!

Roll on Spring!


  1. And this is precisely why you are on my list of kreativ bloggers - at the very top of course. Please accept the award. Details over at agelessbonding.

  2. Actually here is an actual picture of the snow clearing effort taking place on the school field only yesterday.


    I hear the kids enjoyed doing ski jumping in PE today.

  3. Thanks very much Usha:))

    And I shall be delighted to do the tag and there's nothing I enjoy more than talking about than myself!!

    Mrs A... Hmm quite a monster! Reminds me of On Her Majesty's Secret Agent (I think) where the bad agent falls in and gets mushed...maybe they could do that with the troublesome kids...

    I wonder if it cuts grass as well....

  4. Well, if we could just add up the temperatures at your place and mine and each take the half, that would be just bliss--at least for me it would!

  5. That would suit me Sue...perhaps that would work out as a mild day in Spring:)

    I think cold is perferable though... at least you can dress up but I guess so far you can dress down:) (Not good for us older ladies!)


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