Monday, May 12, 2008

Philosophy and Madness.

Last night Mrs T was in one of her philosophical moods… which is a very dangerous situation for not only is Mrs T apt to do crazy things, more importantly she often poses to herself, and to her friends, seriously challenging and deeply perplexing questions. Such as;

If we can split the atom, fly to Mars and dive to the bottom of the oceans…



If you know the answer to this question, please tell me. However, I suspect it maybe something to do with the same reason George Bush was elected.

Now, I should warn you that my rare philosophical moments often herald a period of disturbing silliness form Mrs T. Mrs T is frankly.. nuts; I hope you’ve worked that out by now. However, she IS very fortunate to have some very understanding, supportive (and forgiving) friends that accept her for what she is and understand her rather madcap sense of humour.

Yes, Mrs T really does have some friends and every now and then 6 of them who live in close proximity to Mrs T join with her to discuss books. We are The Book Club. Oh, how terribly middle class I hear you say! Well, yes.. but us ladies need the mental stimulation otherwise our lives would be full only of pots and pans, School Runs and for some, that most dreaded of words “Work.” Once a month or so we meet, ostensibly to discuss a novel, but invariably getting distracted onto other important subjects like hair loss, weight gain, chocolate and sometimes even that most taxing of subjects…men.

Now I think I my lady friends warrant a description. Firstly, there's....

Mrs A.

Yes, that is THE Mrs A who comments here from time to time and her of the dry wit. (For
tunately it’s not a wet wit because you should see what a hell of a mess she makes with her chocolates. Lordy, lord do we need those baby wipes!)

Now Mrs A is actually a connoisseur and maker of fine chocolate and is married to the exceptionally finicky Mr A. Now Mr A has a superb photographic memory that always secures The Book Club certain victory in the village quiz which (luckily for him) outweighs his (unfortunate) love of precision cooking.

To which Mrs T says; “Hoorah!” ...There’s nothing Mrs T likes more than winning as she is highly competitive. For example; when there’s a queue at the supermarket and they open up a new cashier you can bet your life Mrs T gets there first! Mind you, those roller skates do help. (So does the mace but that’s another story.)

Now when I told my lady friends I was thinking of blogging about The Book Club this is the email Mrs A sent me;

“Can you not mention the fact that I am being stalked by David Tennant, Colin Firth and Harrison Ford. But you can definitely mention the facts about me being devastatingly youthful, dynamic, slim and fashionable.”

Yes, you’re absolutely right… Mrs A has very severe delusional problems… because...

I happen to know... that David Tenant, Colin Firth and Harrison Ford are actually stalking ME and Mrs A is in fact being stalked by TERRY WOGAN.( Never mind Mrs A,.. you may get a free seat at the Eurovision song contest.)

Mrs A’s vital statistics; older than Mrs T (Excellent) 2 children (Better bladder than Mrs T) Irritatingly clever husband (Annoying but useful.) Currently employed in a bastion of British broadcasting. Favourite chocolates; her own.

Now before I carry on, I‘d just like to say that David Tennant (aka Dr Who) is proving a right nuisance and keeps “appearing” in my bedroom. All I can say about his tardis is that outwardly it looks very, very small but actually it’d really rather big. In fact, it is enormous and also that thing that keeps pumping up and down in the middle is driving me absolutely crazy.

.. .Oh yes and as for Harrison Ford if he turns up one more at my house with that whip of his I’m going to have punish him severely. And as for Colin Firth I’m sick and tired of him arriving in his ruffles and breeches and declaring his undying love; I’m a busy woman and I’ve got plenty of brass rubbing to do. (Ho hum)

Now on to…

Mrs S.

Now Mrs S is another lady of dry wit and lives in a splendid abode on the hill which regrettably she plans to sell and move to foreign fields, which makes Mrs T really rather sad. However, this will mean that happily Mrs T will never again have to look after Mrs S’ guinea pigs for which she is most relieved…as last time Mrs S told all and sundry that it was Mrs T’s fault that the two male guinea pigs had suddenly become highly sexed and overtly friendly.

I’m afraid it’s simply not my fault all male creatures get inspired around me; I just can’t help being a sex goddess. It comes naturally. Read my book; “Guide to Attracting Guinea Pigs for the over 40s.” It’ll prove a real eye opener.

Mrs S’ vital statistics; younger than Mrs T (Blast) 2 children. (Again, better bladder) Married to the rather teccy but financially well endowed Mr S.( However, Mr S is not yet forgiven for refusing to retrieve chocolate from Mrs T ravishing lips during The Village Quiz) Currently employed as part time accountant and guinea pig attendant. Favourite chocolate; a very, very rich chocolate with a soft gooey centre.

Mrs M.

Mrs M is always, always, always... late. My goodness she would be late for her own funeral! Now you can bet your bottom dollar that if the world was coming to an end and the last of mankind was about to depart in a space shuttle Mrs M would still be late and arrive out of breath saying…

“I was just……………………”


However, I must not be unkind because poor Mrs M is married to the world renowned Mr M; a more complex and psychiatrically disturbed gentleman you will not find. He is the only person who prior to coming to Mrs T house for dinner will interview her for the menu and list his distastes until ultimately you end up with steak. Sadly Mrs M is also thinking of one day departing to the continent. But I ask you this Mrs M; Where will Mr M get his pants from? He is soooo particular I fear even the black, silken thongs they sell in Paris will not suit his most distinct tastes!

Now at this juncture ladies I had planned to post a picture of a lovely young gentlemen suitably attired in some devilishly attracted underwear. I thought it would take about 5 mins to Google some piccys… but ladies it has taken me a whole two hours. Lord, I never knew such skimpy males things existed! I have only just recuperated after passing out several times, emitting various assorted gasps of pure astonishment and oh, yes… changing my knickers. Now I decided to post a piccy of a G string made into an elephants head but the picture was copyrighted so ladies you will have to use your imagination (Not too difficult I feel!) So instead I’m posting something a little more tasteful.

I think ladies you will be interested to know that the manufacturers have called this item the “Special Forces” thong. What “Special forces” is that?! Would some one like to volunteer a description? Mrs T is thoroughly confused. I fear it is a deeply perplexing question I should ponder for some considerable time. However, I also noticed to my amusement that some of the G strings have been reviewed. For example;

Review by bigbob: absolutely brilliant!This string fits like a glove, the best I have tried in a long time and I am well middle aged. Faultless delivery within 24 hours of ordering; I will be definitely treating myself and my lady to some more in other colours. Look out for the photos!

Oh crikey; I fear it maybe sometime before I stop laughing!

Anyway back to…

Mrs M’s vital statistics;
older than Mrs T (Hurrah!) 2 children. (Bugger.) An unfortunate (but most amusing marriage) to Mr M. Currently employed as a high flying PA and geisha girl to Mr M. Favourite chocolate; a highly addictive coffee truffle which possesses acute withdrawal symptoms.

Mrs W.

Now Mrs W is relatively new to The Book Club so obviously Mrs T cannot be so succinct in her descriptions for fear of irretrievably damaging her relationship through her wanton bad humour. However, Mrs W's vital
statistics are as follows;

Older than Mrs T (Oh how absolutely spiffing!) 4 children (Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!) Married to Mr W, a man of taste. Currently employed as a Teaching Assistant.

Unfortunately, Mrs W refused to take my career advice which was as follows;

“Never work with children, animals, tax inspectors, call girls, estate agents and teachers; you will die young and no one will know who the **** you are.”

Succinct, I feel.

Oh yes, favourite chocolate; she doesn’t know cos the kids keeping nicking them before she has a chance.

Mrs R

Mrs R is a very, very UNfortunate woman because she leaves right next door to Mrs T. This is highly dangerous considering the toxicity of Master Samuel’s underpants. (Fortunately she keeps her gas mask by her side and her air freshener in her handbag.) Now Mrs R is blessed with a boisterous laugh famed (and heard) throughout the village. This is just as well because she married to the infamous Mr R, a toyboy like Mr A and Mr M. (Note to self; fire Mr T and employ younger hot stud.) Mrs T always knows when Mrs R has failed at her housekeeping duties as Mr R departs the house in a sullen fashion and drives off at apace akin to Michael Schumacher.

However, Mrs T commends both Mr & Mrs R on their patience and understanding as Master Jacob and Master Benedict have inadvertently kicked at least 1, 987,534 balls into their garden destroying all Mr R’s vegetable crops and making imprints on Mrs R’s laundry. Mrs T also commends Mr R for only using minor expletives when last year Master Jacob kicked the ball into the wet concrete he had been laying for his new patio.

True friends indeed.

Mrs R’s vital statistics; older than Mrs T (Excellent, excellent) One child. (Absolutely disgusting; almost a normal bladder.) Married to the debonair Mr R. Currently employed as a Lecturer. Favourite chocolate; one that melts in the mouth.

Mrs A(2) otherwise known as Mrs Midwife.

Mrs Midwife is a woman of great patience and virtue and is Godmother to Master Benedict. This is because in her role as local midwife she assisted in the birth of Master Benedict. (To which I say… WHY DID IT TAKE 20 HOURS???? Hadn’t I suffered enough with two births already without having a third which was like trying to squeeze a melon through a sieve?) Mrs Midwife still regularly collects vast sums of money into her swear box when Mrs T remembers the agony of Master Benedict’s birth; consequently Mrs Midwife is now a very rich woman indeed.

Now Mrs Midwife is a rare breed amongst woman as she has a HOUSE HUSBAND. And Mr Midwife’s skill at house husbandry is only matched by Mrs T. Still, Mrs T finds it a very refreshing, indeed a somewhat comforting situation.

Mrs Midwife’s vital statistics; Older than Mrs T (Yippee do!) 2 children (Depression setting in for Mrs T again) married to Mr Midwife, a man who knows how to a take a very, very long time doing very little. (Of which he is immensely proud and rightly so as Mrs T is also extraordinarily good at this) Currently employed as a Midwife but would like to work in a bakery. Favourite Chocolate; anything that is delivered on time.

Now that leaves...

Mrs P

Mrs P is a full time housewife like Mrs T! Mrs T and Mrs P play tennis together with Mrs D (and other numerous ladies) once a week. Now Mrs D is a tennis coach and to this extent she always thoroughly thrashes Mrs P and Mrs T. (Except for the one occasion when Mrs T wore her lucky orange bandana which unluckily she has since lost.)

Mrs P has a flock of sheep, 2 dogs and a cat. Oh yes and unfortunately, a plague of rats. Indeed she was mortified to find one in her bedroom the other day. So Mrs T has very generously promised her that she will call over with some suitable rat poison. (The Turley Pizza Surprise.)

Mrs P works extraordinarily hard at being the most efficient and charitable full time mum. To which Mrs T sends her this message;


Mrs P vital statistics
; younger than Mrs T (Damn, damn, damn.) 4 children. (Ha, ha, h
a) Married to the sheep shearing Mr P. Not currently employed but studying under the guidance of Mrs T in the position of Housewife Extraordinaire in Training. Favourite Chocolate; Truffle Surprise. (The surprise being it tastes of lamb and mint.)

And that leaves just Mrs T about which you already know. But I’ll do my vital statistics anyway just cos I like waffling;

A mere 29 years old, no children, still well equipped in all the right places. Single but with delusions of marriage. Currently employed at the local pole dancing club and available for immediate hire to attractive, wealthy men with large pockets. Always completely truthful and honest. Admires Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. Deep respect for George Bush, Bono, Sting and Bob Geldof. Works incredibly hard at housework, cooking and cleaning the cat litter tray. Recently nominated for a noble peace prize for her thesis entitled;

“How to pair up two odd socks and get away with it.”

Favourite chocolate; still searching for The One Chocolate. In the meantime favourites are chocolate covered nuts. Small ones will do, but obviously the bigger the better. (It’s a girl thing.)

Now folks this blog has gone on longer than expected ( Damn those undie pictures) so I’ll have to continue it in a day or two…. Please prepare yourself for The Book Club II; a horror story.
(That's if I've got any friends left.)

Copyright Jane Turley 2008


  1. Mrs T, there is no denying it, YOU ARE THE BEST! May your search for the One Chocolate be successful soon. You deserve a large box of them. But then again, maybe you should send me a dark truffle or 2 to ease the ache in my sides after reading this post with those pictures too.

  2. Lovely (and humorous) post as usual, Mrs. T. Of course, you should have warned me to eat my lunch BEFORE seeing those undies... I think I lost my appetite. Mrs. Mewie will be very disappointed if I dont' finish my lunch.

    Unfortunate news - I will no longer continue blogging. I've recommitted my time to less Internet activities, as tempting and fun as they are. I'll miss your witty and thoughtful comments on my blogs for sure.

    At least I have a blog to always return to during my lunch breaks... although I learn my lesson to eat before I come back here. =P

  3. Hi Sue, Thank you once again for your praise; I am so glad you enjoyed my post. Whether Mrs A, P, S, M, W and Mrs Midwife do is another story! I most definately will send you a virtual truffle..not the lamb and mint one though (Mrs P has some extraordinary tastes!) I think a milk chocolate praline with a coating of dark chocolate; open you mouth Sue, here it comes via the airways!!!! Enjoy!!

    Mewie.. I am very sad.. Mrs T is a big softie really and will miss you.. but I understand why..there are a lot of pressures in life and sometimes we must prioritise. Like you I have a novel to finish and many commitments.. sometimes something has to give. You write well Mewie and from the heart... this I feel will bring you success for your sincerity, kindness and charm shine through...

    You have my email - feel free to write anytime and should you come to the UK maybe we can go break dancing together.. You will obviously do the dancing and I will do the breaking......

    You know Mewie that's given me an idea for a post sometime....

    Keep well, keep happy Mewie.
    Mrs Txx

  4. Jane, You hope you will still have some friends left in the book club after this post? hm,I wish you all luck.
    God, that was a lovely lovely post. You posts , to me, are an efficient substitute for the "ONE".
    You just forgot to add one piece of information in your description: 'no relative of Jane Turley, the mad housewife'.

    Jane , I took the liberty to tag you for a meme on Table Talk, simply to have some outrageously funny responses only you are capable of coming up with. Please check the details on my blog and do it only if you want to.

  5. I'm with Usha on this one; your posts are BETTER than chocolate!!! I was laughing out loud at the references to Terry Wogan, Mrs M always being late and the G string. Laughter really is the best medicine ...

    By the way, what do you think of my Chocolate Biscuit Diet? It goes like this: Breakfast - one biscuit, Lunch - one biscuit and a lettuce leaf, Dinner - two biscuits and a yoghurt for pudding. What's that you say? Snacks? I'm sorry, that would be too sensible.

  6. Usha, thankyou... to even be compared to chocolate in the smallest way is the highest accolade a woman could have!

    Nah, no mention of Mr T; he suffers enough already don't you think?!

    I am delighted to accept your tag; it is the first one I have received.. I have taken a quick look and I think that very possibly Mrs T may find some room for humour.....the subject of food is one close to her heart and very possibly close to her stomach too....

    FFM... High praise indeed but surely not better than choclate?? No, no it can't be. There is nothing that matches that smooth creamy taste rolling around the mouth... Oh yes... yes....

    ...sorry just got a bit distracted there on Google again.....

    Well FFM , that diet sounds pretty good to me! As it happens I've just started ANOTHER diet... now if there's no success in a week I'll switch to the Choccy biscuit diet which I'm sure I'll have absloutely no trouble adhering to.

    Now how much weight can I loose before Christmas FFM? Do you want to take a bet? Maybe if I loose enough I'll be in with a chance with that job at the pole dancing club.... sure beats Tescos.

  7. Gosh Mrs T - such action in your little village- quite outdoes Jilly Cooper.Though what the Book Cllub will do after it peruses your latest nugget remains to be seen.And the eye candy - wowsie girl!

    What about my chocolate - eh ? As compensation for hysterics as I split my sides laughing ???

  8. Ah Mrs G I nearly forgot your chocolates..tis just as well you reminded me. Can I send you some now? Now Mrs A made me an absolutley gorgeous one the other day which was cranberry and port... why my taste buds were postively on fire! So here it comes Mrs G... My arm is strained from Sue's choccy so yours is being delivered by.... James Bond freefalling from the sky.... Oh Lord..Mrs G the wind has ruffled his hair and ripped his shirt off.. and he is about to land in your garden.... Ummmm..ummmm...
    Mrs G you are one lucky lady!


  9. This week I have made hand dipped lime and limoncello chocolates. (I know - it sounds a bit Vicar of Dibley...)

    Seems a perfectly normal account of the book club to me. You could have gone down the route of exaggerating our characters a bit, but I see you have just told it straight. Ah well. It's like Sex and the City, only more glamorous.

    Do you think anyone will have actually read the book this month?

  10. Mrs A.. those sound deliciously tempting! When can Mrs T pop down to sample? Now I have started another diet but I think I could squeeze in just one..or maybe possibly two....

    Ah you see Mrs A..the truth is always more fuuny and there can be no wit without some truth...

    Aye, tis far more glamourous than Sex and the City...but if only Mrs P would stop wearing those green wellies...

    I think everyone has read it or will have read it by Friday..even Mrs T has nearly finished!

    Ps How is Terry these days?

  11. Terry's fine and sends his best.
    He'd like the Pudsey suit back though, if you've finished with it.

  12. Why, Mrs A I see you are in fine fettle this morning!!

    I fear I shall to add an extra ingredient to your chocolates in order to douse your wicked tongue....

    Alas, Mrs T has not quite finished with the Pudsey suit although she is trying her absolute hardest at the moment...but you know a little extra can be very comforting to a man..why those skinny creatures like stick insects are but mere imitations of real voluptous women....

    In truth Mrs A, I think men find it difficult to handle my wonderous beauty and curvaceous figure.. indeed the last time I saw Teddy he and his friend Mr Paddington could bearly keep their sticky paws off me...

  13. Aaaaargh - let me at him Mrs T - I cant thank you enough although I think you might have waited a bit and chucked me one of those limoncello thingies Mrs A turned out this morning - James Bond free falling into my garden and a dark choc with a limoncello centre - ooh you've quite made my day ......mwaah

  14. Mrs T - I don't think I'd better let Mr M near your blog as I don't think I'd even make my own funeral!!

    As for being late it's because I've always got my head stuck in a book.

    See you Friday with my Manolo Blahniks.

  15. I am concerned about how many books are not read during the meeting of the ever so lovely sounding ladied of this "Book club". Infact I feel that a good old fashioned man bashing may well happen. If you ever plan to have it in my neck of the woods, make sure I leave the country first!

    And I must say that the picture of the banana need MRS T. No need at all... Now...Angelina Jolie in a bikini, that is a different matter!

  16. Mrs T, I think it should be pointed out that Mrs W is not to be confused with the ubiquitous other Mrs W of our acquaintance.

  17. Mrs M...Now why on earth would Mr M not want to read Mrs T's musings?! Surely he cannot object to being portrayed as a hot stud in glorious underpants( albeit a little quirky...)

    Ah, a valuable and wise comment... the OTHER Mrs W, The Witch, should definately not be confused with the polite and esteemed Mrs W who is held in such high regard... and who would be mortified at the comparasion and undoubtedly withdraw her chocolate rations from the book club.... which would be disastrous.

    So, Mrs P will be in her wellies, you will be your Manolo Blathingys and very possibly I will be in my trainers...

    'Tis possible I will be in need of a quick get away....

    Ah, My Master Sy, so good to have a gentleman (if I may be so bold) commment on a principally ladies newsy item.. I thought the banana hammock was rather fetching myself.. in fact now that you mention bananas Master Sy it has put me in the mood for one...They are exceptionally tasty Mater Sy although I prefer them hard rather than over-ripe. What say you?

  18. No one needs an over ripe banana. It is of no use to any person. A youg fit firm banana. That is what you need everytime.

  19. Oh absolutely Master Sy, I agree a young banana is most endearing; I have this on authority from Joan Collins whose knowledge of bananas is exceptional and who practices the noble art of banana baiting to great effect. A remarkable woman!


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