Thursday, December 27, 2007

Decisions, decisions.

Yes, it can be very tough when your husband works long hours knowing when to make a decision and deciding whether or not if you've made the right one. Now when you've had your first baby this usually revolves around "Shall I call the doctor or not?" or "Shall I give one spoon of Calpol or two?" Fortunately, when you get to my advanced age and the three kids are out of their nappies (Thank God) it usually revolves around whether or not to have one glass of wine or two. (Sometimes more - depending on just how annoying those kids have been.)

Of course, an even more tantalising decision is whether or not to have chocolate with fruit and nuts in it or just stick to plain Galaxy. Personally, I'm not too fussed either way because, as all us gals know, chocolate can be a lot more satisfying than sex - and you get to roll it around your mouth without choking.

So as an insomniac of the highest degree I took the decision in the early hours this morning to create my own blog as I rolled some Maltesers around my mouth and gave 'em a good suck. (Yep - it was very satisfying.) Well, why not Blog? Publishing to the web could be a New Years Resolution alongside decreasing the size of my arse by 50%, remembering to pluck those stubbly facial hairs and to feed the kids so Social Services don't get called out. So Hello and Welcome to the Diary of a Mad Housewife.....

Maltesers. A satisfying suck.


  1. I started laughing so hard when I read the chocolate bit that my husband asked what I was laughing about ... so I read it to him.... I a couple of seconds he asked for the name of the blog I am reading .... I could go on and on about chocolate ... I can't stand the sweet milk chocolate though and love a little ginger or cayenne in my choc for a bit of a bite.


  2.'ve got me thinking about choccy again..the creative juices are flowing.. and I agree.. I used to prefer milk chocolate but as I get older I'm beginning to prefer it darker and richer... Mmm...Mmmm...

  3. Dark or Light -- Chocolate is necessary for life. My favorite is 72% cocoa while my DB prefers 85%.

    I have met a couple of people who dislike chocolate , I seriously think they must be escapees from an AREA 51 experimental lab. Can't really be human can they?

    We have a friend who recently spent 3 months with her sister in Belgium and returned to Texas with 50 pounds of chocolate!


  4. Jane, you MADE MY DAY with this post so go get your badge at

    Thank, O.

  5. I'm trying to get my badge but can't get through!

  6. "

    use this as the url location to upload the picture.



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