Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One of My Shortest Posts Ever

I am on the edge of a cricket pitch. I am spending a lot of time of the edge of cricket pitches lately. Thus, I decided I would take my laptop with me today and scribe some moving tribute to Michael Douglas who I am assuming will soon be found with a machete buried in his head.

However with usual incompetence I have forgotten both my mouse AND my glasses. To me this like being a chef without a spoon or a politician without an expenses form, or in the case of Michael Douglas probably without a life. Very soon.

So I end this post now by simply saying: God Bless you, Michael. It was a good life till you opened your gob (on all accounts.)

That's it. It's taken about an hour to do this without typos. I've had enough I'm heading to the bar.


  1. Count yourself lucky. Whenever I used to watch my kids play cricket, I always got roped in to stand at square leg umpire.
    You can't even have a doze if you have to keep an eye open for what might be coming your way...

    1. I am doing my best not to be roped in, Martin. I have had my full of voluntary work now - about 18 years worth! Although I still do a little I am trying to avoid more commitments so I can just relax and concentrate on my writing more:)

      Good to see you around by the way I trust all is well???

    2. Fine thanks Jane. Hope all is good with you...

    3. That's good to know:) Yes all is well in the Turley world, save for the usual mishaps:)

  2. It's poetry Jane. Very moving.

    1. It has to be said: I do have a way with words at times.


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