Stuck in the Middle of the Dishwasher

This morning, after yet another mad rush to get the boys off to school, it was time to do the early morning household chores which included that mind numbing task of unloading the dishwasher.  Groan, groan, groan...

You know, I remember when I first got my dishwasher; it was like magic. I loved stuffing all the dirty crockery in it and all the surfaces being clean without hardly any effort. Just my style! (i.e - Fundamentally lazy.) But now folks I've become slack, cruel and heartless... I'm taking my dishwater for granted. Frankly, I'm a cow to it. I can't be bothered to clean it out (well it gets washed every day so why bother?) until it starts protesting by leaving smears over my glasses and sometimes I pack it so tightly the door is practically bulging and sometimes I even...I'm afraid to admit this folks... sometimes I even put cheap dishwashing tablets in it.....

Oh dear God what a heathen I've become! Right, I promise to buy some really really nice scented tablets next time I go shopping. I might even polish it.....

Anyway, back to my story - now to alleviate the boredom of unloading the dishwasher I usually put the radio on and listen to the local radio. So I did. However, there's some new presenters who aren't as entertaining as the previous duo so I switched off and went to look at my Cd' finger traced along the I pondered my choice....

Rod Stewart? Hmm... too...Rusty.

Cher? Nope..makes me feel too drab in my pinny.

Abba...Greatest Hits? Nah..too melodic for this time in the morning and besides my blonde wig is out on loan.

Keane?  Hmm... now there's a possibility. But a whole album at 8am? Could be a bit heavy...

Take That? (Yes I do have an album. Sorry. BUT only their Greatest Hits which I bought for £2.99 in Woolies before it closed down.) Umm.. Nope. Let's say that again because I like the sound.. NOPE.

Pet Shop Boys? Nah, too electronic for the early morning and somehow they always remind me the cat litter needs changing...

Simply Red? Hmm.... I quite fancy listening to Fairground but visualizing Mick Hucknall for 50 mins might put me in rehab....

And then my finger stopped on.....

 James Blunt. Ahhhhhhhhhh.....James Blunt. Hoorah! A bit melancholic for an early morning start but soooooo good!

I pulled out the CD, opened it...

NOOOO! No disc! Where's my James Blunt disc? Where, where, where? What miserable, dastardly thief has stolen my disc?!

Okay - it's probably me isn't it.? Yeah, I've know, in all likelihood, I've put it somewhere but can't remember. Oh well what's new? I'd probably forget to put my brain in if it wasn't already stuck between my ears. Anyway, until it turns up I'm blaming Mr T. (Goes without saying really - what are husbands for if you can't blame 'em for everything you can't find within 30 seconds?)

Right, so I put back the empty cover and my eye fell immediately on...

Michael Buble.

Yes! Yes! Yes! And I know exactly the right song....

Oh Yeah Baby! That is soooooo goooooood for Mrs T to groove to in her kitchen!

Shame about the broken dishes though.....


  1. You stacked the dishwasher in four minutes and eight seconds? At eight in the morning? (Thinks. Goes very quiet.)

  2. Mrs B... have you been slacking in the kitchen dept again?! It is very important that whatever time of the day, whether first thing in the morning or just before your beloved returns from a harrowing day at the office, ( I've a preference for the late afternoon slot myself but sometimes one likes to geet ahead of oneself...)that one does these tedious jobs as fast as possible so there is plenty of time for more interesting things like blogging!

    Next time I'm over your place I'll time you and see if you're up to scratch:))))

  3. Oh no, no, no! It smacks of those awful time and motion studies. You know what would happen: I wouldn't get round to loading the dishwasher at all and then someone from 'Human Resources' would start wittering on about some course so that I could get to be more efficient!

  4. Oh all right Mrs B ... and to think I'd already got out my stopwatch and velour tracksuit:)

    True - you can always rely on human resouces to witter on about some course or other - beats them actually doing a proper job I suppose:))

  5. Phew, that was close. I have been slacking in all departments for years but, since I'm unpaid, it doesn't matter. Now, what's wrong with that sentence? Actually, not much! Tee hee.


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